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Buzz Poets really back

Lost in the shuffle a bit during the Fallen Heroes benefit back in May at the new Amphitheatre at Station Square was the fact that the Buzz Poets were reunited after a five-year hiatus. The late '90s Pittsburgh alternative rock band, very much in the vein of 311, reformed with three original members -- Phil MacDowell, Tim Gaber and Justin Sarra -- adding guitarist-singer Zig (The Delaneys) and drummer Matt Gray (Dirty Black Horses). Missing are former frontman Tripper, now living in Texas, and drummer Ron Lavella, now playing in the band Vertical Horizon. The Buzz Posts reappeared with the Fallen Heroes gig and then played Ribs on the River in August. "I thought we'd get together for a reunion show and then everyone would go their separate ways," Gaber said in an e-mail, "and that probably would have been the case had we reeled the whole original band back together, because everyone is in different places and does different things. But all the people that are playing in the band right now live in Pittsburgh, so we have the luxury of maybe doing more shows. A couple thousand people showed up at Station Square for the show we did at the rib festival, plus we had so much fun and got a good response, so we thought, 'Why not try another one?'" The Buzz Poets will turn up at Altar Bar in the Strip Saturday at 9 p.m. with Dirty Black Horses. Tickets are $8 in advance (; 1-800-745-3000) and $10 at the door. Read more:

By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Thursday, October 22, 2009

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